Focus on building your product, not a marketing backend.

Beta registrations graphic

Beta Registrations

Sheet Monkey is perfect for gathering early registrations on your teaser website or splash page. It only takes minutes to hook up your form and start gathering early signups for your product.

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Mailing Lists graphic

Mailing Lists

When you need to quickly build a mailing list but you aren't sure what marketing platform to use, just use Sheet Monkey to store your signups in a Google Sheet. Worry about the rest later.

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Surveys graphic

Product Research Surveys

When you're trying to validate your idea and need to run a simple survey, Sheet Monkey is a perfect choice. Build your survey and send the responses right to a Google Sheet so you can easily analyze the responses and make decisions.

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Complex Workflows graphic

Complex Workflows

Don’t stop by updating a sheet: trigger powerful workflows using Google’s platform or a third party vendor like Zapier or IFFT.

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