Front-End Developers

Sheet Monkey lets you connect your static site forms to Google Sheets. No backend code required.

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Mailing Lists

Embed custom mailing list forms on any page with only HTML and CSS and send the data to Google Sheets. Give your clients full access to their data with Google’s flexible sharing features.

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Embed custom surveys on your websites, design the form however you want, and store the results in a Google Sheet. You can even connect it to Google Data Studio to automatically build visual dashboards or run complex queries.

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Opt-In Forms

Sheet Monkey is perfect for gathering opt-ins for marketing lists, events, and product pre-registrations. It only takes minutes to hook up your form and start gathering data.

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Complex Workflows

Don’t stop by updating a sheet: trigger powerful workflows using Google’s platform or a third party vendor like Zapier or IFFT.

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